General Interest (pre 2004) Lakeville in the Fall 2005
General Interest 2 (2004) Lakeville in the Fall 2003
  Winter 2011 Photo Tour
  Winter 2010 Photo Tour
Cranberry Cove Bench 8/2008 Winter 2009 Photo Tour
Springfield Fair 2007 Winter 2008 Photo Tour
The Great Culvert Repair Winter 2007 Photo Tour


Winter 2005 Photo Tour

Winter 2003 Photo Tour

  A Summer Talk 2016

Talk on Proposed North Woods National Park


L.C.O.A 2008 Annual Meeting Trip to Penobscot Museum - 2014

L.C.O.A. 2007 Annual Meeting

Summer Walk 2013
L.C.O.A. 2006 Annual Meeting Summer Walk 2012
L.C.O.A 2004 Annual Meeting Summer Walk 2011
  Summer Walk 2010
  Summer Walk 2009
  Summer Walk 2008

Summer Walk 2007


Summer Walk 2006


Summer Walk 2005

  Summer Walk 2004
  Summer Walk 2003

Ellen McLaughlin's Wildflowers of Lakeville


Trees / Bushes / Reeds
Ferns Wildflowers A-F
Mosses Wildflowers G-Z

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