A Dobsis Story - The Wood Family

An L.C.O.A. Presentation 2016

Brothers Dave and Van Wood have a long family history on Dobsis dating back to their grandfather who built the camp with the red door in 1929 at the mouth of the Narrows.  The Wood family compound has now grown to 4 camps.

 Dave ......

         First visited Dobsis with his grandparents and Uncle Loring Wood in 1946 when he was about 8 years old, the first time anyone had been there since 1941.

         In 1953, he and a bunch of Washington D.C. high school friends helped build the second camp designed by his father Marshall Wood

         He spent his career in the Coast Guard, serving 30 years, including commander of the Coast Guard training ship Eagle, which is a sailing ship out of New London CT, from 1988 until his retirement as Captain in 1992

         He and wife Paula have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren, all of whom love Dobsis, and they took part in building the 4th cabin in 2009, which is on the south end of Narrows Island.

         They now live in the off-season at the Highlands in Topsham Maine after 25 years in Newport RI definitely closer to camp!


 Van ......

began his first stay at Dobsis in 1946 at age 3 months and has been to camp every summer since.

        As the child of a teacher, he was able to spend more than 2 months a year here in the 60s

        To be closer to camp, he and wife Molly moved from Washington D.C. to southern Maine, raising their 2 children there, and visiting camp several times a year

        They have lived in Western Massachusetts for the last 30 years where they are mostly retired from their manufacturing business, now run by their son Hoyt.

        They now spend an extended summer of nearly 5 months on the lake in the 3rd Wood camp that they built, just south and around the point from the oldest camp

        They have 5 grandchildren to carry on the traditions 


So these gentlemen will tell us about their family and Dobsis in the olden days.  Please welcome Dave and Van Wood!


A 7 Minute Excerpt From the Talk.... (MP4)

Lincoln News: August 11, 2016