North Woods Journal -- Fourth of July


The night when the fireworks displays are most spectacular depends on what day of the week July 4th falls on, this year a Monday.  So if the working folks that are the usual source of the displays have duty the next day, as was the case this year, there is limited spectacle on the actual night of the 4th.  In such a year, people up here get celebratory impatience or confusion about what day they should blow off their fireworks; so indeed, we experienced big displays on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights, and these are major exhibitions, both from areas directly visible on our lake as well as those shooting up over the treetops from surrounding lakes.  I am talking about professional spectacles going up a couple hundred feet, bursting at the peak with multi-colored showers, blasts sent up in waves that keep cascading, and of course, due to the water, echoing around with boom after boom.  I feel bad for the loons, but they seem to take it in stride, and BTW, we have seen one baby with mom this year on our part of the lake.


Another tradition on next-door Bottle Lake is the annual Fourth of July boat parade.  There were about 24 boats of all descriptions – “party” boats (with pontoons), skiffs, bigger motorboats, and even a jet-ski -- all gussied up with flags, banners, Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam(s), and a “bald eagle” at the prow of one. 





They paraded slowly around this 2-mile long, roundish lake close to shore strutting their stuff.  This was our first viewing despite the fact that it has been an annual event for about 15 years.  We went over to friends’ who are right on that lake and who participated in the parade.  Their boat contributed patriotic music such as The Stars and Stripes.  They also had a big cut-out of Lady Liberty and a huge inflated red, white and blue striped Victory hand decorating their dock.  They hosted a barbeque, with offerings from attendees of wonderful sides and desserts, following the parade – a fun and joyful afternoon, with glorious weather!


Since then, it has been cold and wet for several days, but sun and temps in the 80s are coming as soon as tomorrow!


Best to You From the Boonies of Maine – (BTW, the Boonies are not to be confused with the Willy-Wags!)